What is Enabling?

The following questions can help determine if you or someone you know is enabling their addicted loved one:

1. Do you take steps to cover up the addiction and help keep it hidden?

2. Do you make excuses for your loved one's addiction or behaviour?

3. Do you avoid confronting the addiction in an attempt to avoid conflict?

4. Do you believe your loved one is just going through a phase?

5. Do you believe the problem will eventually resolve itself without help?

6. Do you handle the responsibilities of your loved one?

7. Have you bailed your loved one out of jail?

8. Have you paid bills for your loved one, who likely used income on their addiction?

9. Do you have a parent-child relationship with your loved one even though they're your spouse?

10. Do you enjoy the feeling of being 'needed' by your loved one?

11. Are you guilty of giving second, third, and fourth chances?

12. Do you ever participate in risky behaviors alongside your loved one?

Answering yes to one or more of these questions could indicate that you have been demonstrating enablement in your loved one's life. Even if your actions come from a place of love, care and concern, you could actually be prolonging your loved one's addiction and even helping to make it worse.