There are four phases in the rehabilitation program:  small group

Phase 1 - Intake phase

This is prior to entering the program. This phase includes being interviewed and assessed by the Intake Coordinator having the program explained in detail and completing the necessary paperwork for admission.  If needed, detoxification is also a part of this phase.

Phase 2 - Orientation - 4 weeks

This begins when a person enters into the program.  Orientation lasts for 30 days.  The aim of this phase is to help the person settle into the program by becoming familiar with the facilities and daily routine.

Phase 3 – Minimum 18 weeks

This phase works on laying the foundation in which the student is to build their recovery on, in preparation for Phase 4.

Phase 4 – Minimum 30 weeks

This is a major part of the program and it focuses on developing character and learning new life principles that are practically applied in daily living. This includes directly learning through personal studies, group studies and indirectly learning from group co-operation and teamwork.  In this phase we deal with the Emotional, Spiritual, Cognitive and Behavioural aspects of the human heart.


Once the person has successfully completed Phases 1 to 4, they graduate from the Teen Challenge program.

Servant Leadership Training

This is an addition to the program for those wanting to further develop leadership skills.  It is a further 12 month
commitment of training and assessment.  Suitable graduates would be given an opportunity to become a staff member at Teen Challenge Training Centre.

How do I apply for the program?

Call the Intake Coordinator to arrange a phone interview on (03) 5852 3777 OR for more information email . Subject to bed availability and acceptance into the program, an intake date and time will be arranged.